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Tel. No.: 01227 712571

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The Butcher of Brogdale

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Brogdale Farm

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The Butcher of Brogdale Faversham
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Owners: Nicky O’Sullivan and Lee Moore

Another Faversham winner was The Butcher of Brogdale, which scooped Kent Butcher/Meat Producer of the Year 2009. Owners Nicky O’Sullivan and Lee Moore could not be more delighted.

“It was such a great feeling to know that all the hard work of the last two years had been worth it,” says Nicky. “As a team, we have put in so much effort into creating something unique.

“Each customer is treated as a friend and time is always made for a chat and a laugh and we feel that taking things back to a personal service both in the shop and also to our many caterers is the reason people voted for us.”

The Butcher of Brogdale was launched on Valentine’s Day 2008 after many months of searching for an appropriate site to offer people a true taste of Kentish meats, explains Nicky.  Bespoke built for their requirements and offering a bright and welcoming environment for shopping, when it first opened there was just Lee, Nicky and one butcher, but over the past two years trade has grown so much that five skilled butchers are now employed.

“We feel that we can carry on improving on our success by offering customers the best quality local meat that we can source and encouraging more farmers and small holdings to contact us so that we can build on our list of local suppliers,” adds Nicky.

“We are always moving things forward at Brogdale and have started a Butchery School, which has so far been very successful. We also have the pig farm on site with our own Mangalitsas (the extraordinary woolly Hungarian pigs we featured in January Kent Life, page 103) which we are hoping to breed, as these are our pets. It is lovely for the customers and children to visit them, we feel it enhances the whole ethos of The Butcher of Brogdale.

“We are also opening Brogdale Cottage Foods on site, a fabulous hand-designed and built shop which will house the delicatessen and also offer cakes, sweets, bread, milk, preserves, biscuits, flour and many other locally sourced products; it will be an exciting new venture.

“And we are looking for another site to replicate the success at Brogdale, we have a lot of customers who travel many miles to purchase their meat and it would be nice to supply many more customers all over Kent,” adds Nicky.