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The Butcher of Brogdale

The Market Place

Brogdale Farm

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Kent ME13 8XZ

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The Butcher of Brogdale play a key role in the food hall within Dobbies garden centre.

There is plenty of space for parking to make your meat shopping pass with ease, all the traditional meats expected from the Brogdale Butchers with the high standards and maintained practises are all here.

The Butcher of Brogdale Dobbies food hall Gillingham

The Brogdale butchers shop in Dobbies food hall Gillingham offer a wide range of meats including beef joints, lamb joints, pork joints and chicken.

We can also supply other types of meats to order including venison from Kent, partridge, pheasant, rabbit, wood pigeon and more, please ask at the counter for more information or see our website page seasonal meats.

Our chickens are sold whole and in all the normally expected pieces from chicken breasts to diced chicken, ask at the counter for more information.

Brogdale Butchers @ Dobbies Garden Centre Gillingham

40 day matured steak and beef joints from Brogdale Butchers Dobbies Gillingham
 Butcher of Brogdale Dobbies Gillingham shop
David Orrow - known as Dave to his customers

Master butcher David Orrow (Dave to his customers) and his team look forward to serving you.

The Butcher of Brogdale are also located in the food hall at Dobbies Ashford