About The Butcher of Brogdale

Local Butchers

The Butcher of Brogdale were established in 2005 led by Master Butchers. We have won awards for our meat and supply businesses, including Michelin Star restaurants and to local businesses, colleges and universities across Kent and London.

Supplying our customers with sourced products from our Faversham shops they can be confident in the knowledge that they know exactly where our meat and other produce has come from and the manner in which it is reared

Brogdale Butchers Shop and Butchery Course Centre

The Butcher of Brogdale Canterbury

Canterbury Food Hall is the ideal situation for our flag ship shop. We then sourced many farms to supply what we believe to be the best meat available both nationally and internationally. The meat is displayed in our state of art butchers shops with a welcoming atmosphere.

The Butchers of Brogdale pride themselves on having a great reputation for our meat with customers returning week after week. We also supply many local restaurants and pubs including Michelin star restaurants giving everyone the opportunity to have the best meat available.

About the Butcher of Brogdale undergoing expansion and now have shops in the Food Hall Canterbury, Standard Quay FavershamDobbies Food Hall AshfordDobbies Food Hall GillinghamNotcutts Food Hall PemburyRuxley Manor Food Hall

We pride ourselves on maintaining the excellent quality, knowledge, and skill of our Master Butchers across all our shops and services.

New Business

We welcome the opportunity to engage with new businesses offering our services as a local award winning butcher in Kent. More information about our business and how we tender for new business can be found by following this link.

Meat Supplies

Our shops have a wide selection of fresh cut meat including beef joints, pork joint, lamb, chicken or our wide range of sausages and our seasonal meat, select our links to jump to the shope near you. Canterbury, Faversham, Ashford, Gillingham, Swanley, Pembury.  All our shops have the opening times listed and telephone numbers for your convenience.

Commercial Services

The meat supplies processing centre in Canterbury produce our range of sausages along with meat ordered by our commercial customers.

If you would like further information about our butcher supplies commercial services then please follow this link.