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We use our state of the art processing centre delivering throughout Kent and London.  All our meats have a traceable provenance, giving our customers confidence of meat quality.  We can supply better value bulk packs of imported meats if required.  We strive to obtain the best cuts of meat locally and continue to succeed year after year.  Two of our specialties are pork and lamb produced from reputable  farms and suppliers.

If you would like to discuss us supplying your business, school, college or university then please use the contact form.  We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs.

Catering Meat Suppliers

Commercial Meat Catering Suppliers working to bring good quality meat to commercial premises across Kent, East Sussex and London.

The Butcher of Brogdale meat comes from reputable farms with certified traceable provenance. We aim to source the best range of meat available for our customers. Our butchers follow the butchering tradition of preparing and cutting meat on site, ensuring that freshness and taste is paramount.

We recognise how important it is for our customers to have a reliable delivery service with an excellent range of meat of the highest quality.  We are always willing where possible to add in extra deliveries because we recognise how important it is to be flexible so that if you have extra customers coming in and need additional meat let us know and we will do our best to get an extra delivery out to you.

They continue to develop the commercial side of their business with their purpose built meat processing building.  Our new Dry Aged Superior Beef joints has proved to be very popular amongst many of our discerning customers who want to pass on the best to their own customers.

The Butcher of Brogdale has developed their commercial services in Kent and London and become known for the quality of their services as one of the leading suppliers of meat to businesses and corporate caterers, schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, pubs, care homes and nursing homes.

We have a great reputation for service and quality of meat for our customers.  If you are working in the restaurant industry, corporate sector or food catering in the caring or education sector, then now is the time to look at your purchasing options.

Our fleet of refrigerated vans ensure your beef joints, pork joints and all other meats are delivered fresh and chilled whatever the weather.  Our vacuum packing option is also available.

Butcher Supplies and Deliveries

Butcher supplies, please check the list of products that we are able to supply and deliver.  

If you require anything not listed then please complete the Enquiries Form

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Sausage Maker

We supply many more items than in the list below, if there is something specific you would like on a regular basis then please complete the enquiry form opposite.

We use our own in house sausage machine to create all the different sausage flavours, The Brogdale, The Old Spot, The Farm House Chip, Lamb and Mint and many more.

If you need to order a large quantity of sausages then call us to find a convenient way to deal with them as the sausages can be made in advance and stored in our fridges until you require them.

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Dry Aged Superior Beef

Dry Aged Superior Beef is available.

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