Rare Breed Meats

We are now pleased to supply Locally Sourced Pure bred Tamworth Pork born and reared locally in the Weald of Kent.

Unlike our other local pork this is known for its succulent flavour and taste. The Pigs are free range rare breed Tamworth pigs leading an active lifestyle, living outdoors their entire lives. They have earth beneath their feet and mud at the end of their snouts, spending their days grazing pasture, rooting, foraging, wallowing and getting up to all things pig.


They are slow grown to around 10 - 11 months before being hung on the bone for around 2 - 3 weeks. Once hung, The Tamworth pork is hand butchered into the most wonderful joints, cuts, chops, steaks and sausages. This traditional slow process of rearing, hanging and butchering our Tamworth pork means they develop a rich, earthy flavour with a divine texture.