Safe transportation of meat

Safe transportation of meat and poultry from shop to your home

Advice for Customers on the safe transportation

  • When shopping leave the purchase of meat and poultry to the last possible moment before returning home.
  • Always ensure that when purchasing meat products that these are cold to the touch.
  • Take your meat products home immediately and refrigerate.  If you must delay, then bring a cooler bag with chill packs and keep the delay to a minimum
  • The temperature of refrigerated goods can go up significantly especially on a warm summers day.  The hotter the outside ambient temperature the quicker your meat will deteriorate.
  • Please do not leave meat and poultry to sit in the boot of your car in high temperatures as this will significantly reduce the length of time they remain fresh and able to be eaten.
  • All perishable foods must be refrigerated as soon as possible after purchase.
  • Follow all recommended Health & Hygiene and Food Safety Standards to ensure you and your family stay safe.
  • All our shops will offer advice on request, please ask if you have a question