Sausage Demonstration

Sausage Demonstration

Sausage Demonstration at the Faversham Apple Festival at Brogdale 2014 Demonstration by Master Butcher Colin took place in the processing centre during the Apple Festival at Brogdale.

The Butchery Courses also include making sausages and can be booked online

Sausage Demonstration

Preparing the Meat

The sausages for this demonstration are made using pork meat.  The first part of the process is to grind the meat to a size usable by the sausage making machine.

Once the meat is ground to the correct size water rusk and seasoning are added and the meat then added to the sausage machine.

Preparing the Skins

The next step is putting the sausage skin onto the sausage machine nozel, only natural skin is used for the sausages.

Press the Meat

The sausage machine then presses the sausage meat into the skin creating a long tube of sausage.

Create Sausages

The final stage is turning the long sausage into sausages.

Hey presto the Sausage Demonstration completes with sausages.  We make up to 20 different types and generally have 10 different flavours in the shop

Steve can produce up to 1,000 sausages per day